Soccer Tennis at The Wanderers Club

Ball Playa is an 8 year old company based in Kelvin, Sandton, founded by Thato Chai and presents an alternative, competitive ball sport called Soccer Tennis for people who enjoy playing either tennis or soccer. Our mission is form partnerships and to create new and sustainable business opportunities with The Wanderers Club.

Having played 4 seasons of indoor soccer at both Discovery Soccer Parks and seeing the activity at the tennis courts, we have no doubt that soccer tennis will do really well.

The Wanderers Club has an opportunity to make R482 200 from the Ball Playa Soccer Tennis Leagues, in just 10 months, from the use of only 1 tennis court. Below is a video of how a Soccer Tennis Match is played.

Ball Playa is a South African Sports Brand that is made up of a total of 16 facets, one of them being Ball Playa Games, which is being launched on the 28 of January 2024, with a Soccer Tennis, Pay-to-Play Business Model. This niche sport is slowly becoming popular in the world.

Historically, the sport was invented in the current country of the Czech Republic. It is believed that in 1922, the players of Czech club Slavia Prague started playing a game called football over the rope. Initially, the game was played with a horizontally stretched rope rather than a net.  The first official rules of soccer tennis were framed in 1940 as the sport’s popularity grew beyond the training grounds of Slavia. This growth in popularity also led to soccer tennis tournaments, and the first Futnet Cup was organized in 1940.

Our mission is form a partnerships with The Wanderers Club in creating a new and sustainable business opportunity. Below is a video of the first ever Ball Playa Soccer Tennis Demonstration Tournament.

Our Mission and Vision

The vision is to establish Ball Playa as the most innovative provider of new competitive ball sports in the world. The mission is to establish new business relationships with the people so that the Ball Playa Soccer Tennis vision comes to life. 

The Founders: The Chai Boys

For the past 8 years, Thato, Ntando and Lindokuhle Chai have slowly but steadily building the Ball Playa brand and all its facets. Their love for sports, business and social development is the manifestation of Ball Playa. With the help of Lebo Mathopa, Malelala Chai and  Eli Saig from Bogart Man, the Chai Boys have solidified the brand’s foundation and have now taken it to the next level. They continue to do so on a daily basis.


The Objective is to disrupt the current market by introducing something so familiar and yet so new. With padel tennis and indoor soccer on the rise, the objective is to create an opportunity from the combination of both. The objective is to use soccer tennis as a new platform for corporates, schools and the general public to express themselves through this competitive sport. The objective is to use soccer tennis as a marketing tool for local and international brands.

Industry Outlook

Ball Playa Soccer Tennis is highly likely to be successful. It is a sport that is attractive to two different types of demographics. It is definitely the one to play if you are soccer player that does not want to experience life changing injuries because it is a non-contact sport, which makes it more sustainable than soccer. For the niche market that we are targeting, will not have any problems in finding customers.

The life cycle of this business model will run in conjunction with the current indoor soccer seasons and the tennis leagues that are running at The Wanderers Club. After the launch on the 28th of January 2024, we will see a huge growth in demand because of the marketing plan that we will execute there after. 

The business will take a small decline in December, as the majority of people go on holidays and companies close. So, beyond the launch date, based on the R70 price for Non-club member/s playing with non-club member/s – per session (2 hours) – R70 per player, which is equivalent to a R17,5 per player cost per match, because each Soccer Tennis match will be 30 minutes long for a total number of 6 players per match.

Ball Playa Soccer Tennis forecasts a growth of 16471.4% from the launch day to the end of November provided there a zero interruptions to our operations.

Target Market

The Ball Playa Soccer Tennis target market is a niche, however is broad because the sport is a merger between two very popular sporting codes. Our customers are men, women, boys and girls, of all races, that reside or work within a 15km radius from The Wanderers Club. They are all the people who have an interest in either tennis or soccer as well as those who are fitness enthusiasts, willing to try something new.

Our customers are soccer players who are tired of getting injured and have had enough from the aggressive intensity that often lead to conflict on the field. Our customers are those tennis players who suffer from rotator cuff tendinopathy, shoulder tears, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. Some of these customers are current members at The Wanderers Club.

The Ball Playa Soccer Tennis customer is one that can easily afford the R70 price for Non-club member/s playing with non-club member/s – per session (2 hours) – R70 per player.

Market Value

The total size of the market consists of approximately 230 000 people that live or work in either Sandton, Illovo, Highlands North, Rosebank and all neighbouring suburbs within the 15km radius. Ball Playa only needs to attract and capture 0.25% of all those people to achieve the target of R487 200 in 10 months for The Wanderers Club.


Ball Playa Soccer Tennis indeed has got some competition to an extent, of which are the existing soccer and tennis sporting codes. Our competitors strengths are the numbers in participation and the existing support systems that are in place to keep them going.

Our competitors weakness is the injury risk factor and monotony that comes from lack of change. Everyone likes to try something new every now and then. Ball Playa Soccer Tennis League is the solution for that.

Our competitors will be of no threat to our business because of the unique approach and value proposition that we are offering as a whole.

Barriers to Entry and Regulation

We use the latest technology to run our league, publish scores and latest fixtures. Our branding is unique, cutting edge, bright and fun. Provision of the cost to entry has been partially taken care of because the rest of the mandatory monetary costs that are due to The Wanderers Club will be paid by the customers before launch day or on the day.

Confirmation from The Wanderers Club is crucial at this point in time so that the communication with all customers and prospects can begin at once. On launch day, the founders and friends of Ball Playa will be there to facilitate and regulate the launch as the officials. All the money made from the launch will be set aside for the first Ball Playa employees, who will start working on the 29th of January 2024 as match officials for our customers.

The product that we are selling to our customers is the experience of playing Soccer Tennis at The Wanderers Club. The table below highlights all the products details all from the use of 1 tennis court.

Details Units
Soccer Tennis Match Length
30 Minutes
Number of Players per Match
6 Players
Cost per Player, per Match
Cost per Match in Total
Monday to Friday, 6 hour p/day Cost
Sunday to Saturday, 14 hour p/day Cost
Monthly Cost for all Matches
R48 720
10 Month Cost for all Matches
R487 200
Total number of Matches per Month
352 Matches
Total Number of Matches in 10 Months
3520 Matches

Our marketing and sales strategy is very straight forward. We create products. Our products are leagues. The leagues that we have put together have been strategically developed for corporates, organisations and schools. These leagues will be sold as marketing tools, CSI projects and team building exercises.

A digital marketing campaign has already begun on all our social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok). We currently have a count down that in on 19 days to go until launch. The only information that our audience is waiting for is our announcement of the venue.

Upon venue approval from The Wanderers Club, we will launch our print, email, sms, telephone and influencer campaign that is target at businesses and schools.

The Ball Playa Soccer Tennis Management Teams consists of Thato Chai, Ntando Chai and Lindokuhle Chai. They will be the officials and facilitators on the day of the launch. The trainees will also be present on the day of the launch so that they learn what to do for the next day going forward as the first employees.

Ball Playa Soccer Tennis aims to pay The Wanderers Club R487 200 for the use of 1 tennis court in 10 months. Customers will make payments online or at The Wanderers Club. A dedicated FNB Speed point will available for customers who wish to pay upon arrival.