Ball Playa Agency provides honest, professional management for young and established players alike. We offer support and management for all players from the ages of 6 to 50 years old.

We are very passionate, professional and dedicated to bringing out their best in all Ball Playa Athletes.


Ball Playa Agency has strong ties with the media, online and television, as well as with major corporates. Ball Playa Agency is able to provide commercial deals and have contacts with major sports brands.


At Ball Playa Agency, we offer professional advice and plans tailored to the client, they can be assured that their progression is at the heart of everything we do. Using online tools and through social media management, we are also committed to working on the players marketable development and profile growth and exposure.


Honesty is one of our strongest qualities and we are set on managing expectations whilst also pushing for the clients’ full potential. We always make sure to know the players needs, potential and expectations and whether it’s involving clubs or major commercial sport sponsors, they are strong in negotiating for what our athletes deserve.