Africa has yet to produce a competitive international sports-brand and the time has come. It is time for Ball Playa. The first of it’s kind from the African Continent, Ball Playa will offer people from all over the world, an alternative lifestyle that has many long term benefits.

The most important of these beneficiaries will be the 26% unemployed citizens of South Africa and the Students. Ball Playa is the first brand that is made by the people for the people and their best interests, which is growth, stability, security, good health, success and happiness.

1. What is Ball Playa?

Ball Playa is a trademark that is currently being developed into the worlds first, fully integrated, all ball sports and lifestyle brand that primarily caters for the players, fans, friends and family members who follow, enjoy or participate in ball sports and enjoy a healthy, good quality lifestyle:

2. What is the Ball Playa vision?

The vision is to establish Ball Playa as the most aspiring and life changing brand to everybody and anybody that has an interest in enjoying a better lifestyle, while developing better social and economical conditions in Africa.

3. What is the Ball Playa mission?

The mission is to get the right people, resources, investment and time to develop better social and economical conditions in Africa through Ball Playa products and services that are provided by the people for the people. The Brand will cater for all the different people in their unique environments, preferences and income capacity. The mission is to implement the most unique and practical marketing and distribution plans and to develop plans that will make come true the vision for making a fortune and helping others do the same.

4. Why Ball Playa important and relevant?

Ball Playa is important and relevant because of it’s unique structure, commonality in it’s name, its profitability, its social responsibly, its positioning, its origin, its diversity, its timing and its wonderful purpose. Ball Playa will be South Africa’s best export.

5. How diverse and integrated is the Ball Playa Business?

The Ball Playa brand is segmented into 16 business models. Apparel, Academy, TV, Agency, Foods, Licensing, Membership, Arena, Cafe and Digital. Each business model is dependent and supportive to all the other business models.

6. How will Ball Playa be sustainable?

The Ball Playa brand will have seasonal leagues and knock out competitions in all the 10 different Ball Sporting Codes. This will keep the Athletes fit, the competitive edge on a high and the brand very much alive, season after season after season of activity and exposure to all the other Ball Playa Integrated Business Divisions.

7. Why are you important to Ball Playa?

There are many possible reasons why you landed on this page. The most important of all those reasons is that, you too are a Ball Playa. You are in a position to join the Ball Playa Team and get involved with what you love and enjoy the most. It is with you onboard, that Ball Playa will grow. You are important to Ball Playa.