Welcome to the home of Ball Playa

Africa has yet to produce a competitive international sports brand and the time has come. It is time for Ball Playa. The first of it’s kind from the African Continent, Ball Playa will offer people from all over the world, an alternative lifestyle that has many long term benefits.

With 16 integrated business divisions, built from good systems and working formulas, Ball Playa will have high returns from all that has been invested into it. Ball Playa will truly be the first brand that will be made by the people for the people and their best interests, which is growth, stability, security, good health, success and happiness.

Ball Playa Games are the the back bone of the Ball Playa Brand. It is this facet that allows every and anybody to be a Ball Playa through registration and participation in any of the sporting codes that are available.  Read more.

Not only is Ball Playa TV an essential marketing & advertising tool for all the Ball Playa Integrated Divisions, it’s also a wonderful product that educates, enriches, inspires and entertains the world. Read more.

The Ball Playa Academy is the foundation and the very core of Ball Playa. The future of all the integrated business divisions depend on the structure and syllabus of the Ball Playa Academy. Read More.

Ball Playa Apparel products are designed primarily for specific athletic use, but the general public will enjoy them too. These will consists of athletic footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and uniform. Read more.

Ball Playa Arenas are the places where all the Ball Playa Games happen. This is the pulse of our business because this is where families, friends, neighbours and the public come together to play, support, eat, drink, dance and enjoy a good life. Read more.

Ball Playa Agency is the platform for growth, for those outstanding Ball Playa Athletes through team transfers, modeling contracts, acting roles, record deals and many other opportunities for brand, economical and personal growth. Read More.

The ultimate solution to Africa’s biggest problem. The vision of Ball Playa Manufacturing is to establish manufacturing plants and production houses in every area of business to fuel the much needed African Economical Development. Read More.

The focus will be on delivering quality integrated health care services nationally with the development of hospitals, emergency services, doctors, specialists, dentists, pathologists, allied professionals and corporates. Read More.

The core businesses of Ball Playa Money will be to offer Current accounts, Credit Cards, Business Accounts, Savings, Mortgages, Personal Loans, Insurance, Investments and Pensions. Read More.

Ball Playa Licensing will structure strategic arrangements in which qualified and deserving companies get permission to manufacture products or provide the services of Ball Playa for a specified payment. Read More.

Ball Playa Foods will provide nutritionally balanced, fast moving foods, with products ranging from or bread, milk, soft drinks, ice creams, corn and potato chips and even chewing gum, all distributed to meet integration. Read More.

Ball Playa Cafe is the restaurant, drive thru, take away and healthier fast food joint. The integration of the divisions will make Ball Playa cafe an instant success because of the growing demand in the lifestyle and food combo. Read More.

Ball Playa Music is an essential part of the brand. Not only is music an essential part of communication and entertainment, it is also a great product that can be easily produced, packaged and distributed internationally at low cost. Read More.

Ball Playa Publishing will develop, package and publish all the content that will make up the syllabus for the Ball Playa Academy and any other written or illustrated publications for the other Ball Playa divisions. Read More.

Ball Playa Digital will produce the integration systems, it will sustain the brand growth, capture sales and databases, create games, present job opportunities, make bookings and create an active community on a digital platform. Read More.

This is the magical place where people experience the brand products and services. Ball Playa Retail is key to acquiring and sustaining integration of all the divisions and is a key stream of product and service distribution. Read More.

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