Terms and Conditions

User Agreement

This document contains the user agreement, general terms and conditions of use, privacy policy, and community guidelines. Please carefully review this user agreement before utilizing the site.

A. General Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Definitions
In this user agreement, the terms below carry specific meanings: – “Site” refers to our website, “we,” “us,” “our,” and “Ball Playa” (“the Company”) encompass the Company, its affiliates, subsidiaries, and any developers engaged by Ball Playa. – “Website” pertains to internet website with the address www.ballplaya.co.za or any website with a URL validly registered to Ball Playa. – “you” and “your” denote the user of the Site and/or your legal guardian. – “Personal information” encompasses details about an individual or existing legal entity, including but not limited to: – Information related to personal characteristics like race, gender, and marital status. – Data regarding education, medical, financial, criminal, or employment history. – Identifying numbers, symbols, and contact information. – Private or confidential correspondence.

2. Conditions of Access
Your access to and use of the Site is subject to the community guidelines and terms and conditions outlined in this user agreement. These terms apply regardless of the platform, gateway and mode of access.

3. Your Acceptance and Consent
By using the Ball Playa Website, you explicitly agree to the terms and conditions of this user agreement. If you disagree with any part, please refrain from using the Site.

4. Changes to this User Agreement
We may at anytime modify the terms and conditions periodically. It is advisable to regularly review this user agreement. The current version applies each time you access the Site.

5. Your Account
When using the Site, safeguard your access details and agree that a breach of terms includes actions such as impersonation, violating intellectual property rights or unauthorized information gathering. Your account is for individual use and multiple accounts may be deleted.

6. Full Disclosure of All Relevant Facts
You must provide accurate and current personal and financial information. Failure to disclose relevant facts may render this user agreement void.

7. Electronic Communication and Records
You agree to electronic communication and records, acknowledging that electronic messages sent by Ball Playa constitute receipt. We take reasonable steps to protect your personal information, however online transmissions are and will always be at your own risk.

8. Copyright
All the Site content is owned by Ball Playa and protected by law. Unauthorized use, alteration, or dissemination is prohibited. Breaches may result in legal action and claims for damages.

9. Disclaimer
The Site, content, and materials are provided “as is.” Ball Playa is not liable for damages arising from Site use, including direct, incidental, or consequential damages.

10. Indemnity
You agree to indemnify Ball Playa against any claims related to Site use. Ball Playa is not responsible for inaccuracies from third parties or linked websites.

11. Linking to Third-Party Websites
Ball Playa is not responsible for third-party websites linked to the Site. Linking does not imply endorsement, and third-party privacy policies apply.

14. Applicable Law
This user agreement is governed by South African law, and disputes fall under the jurisdiction of South African courts.

15. General Provisions
Headings are for convenience only. Illegal or unenforceable provisions do not affect other clauses. Ball Playa’s failure to exercise rights does not waive them.

B. Privacy Policy

1. General Principles
This privacy policy complements the general terms and conditions. Ball Playa respects your privacy, handling personal information with care.

2. Personal Information
Refers to all data identifying or relating to you. Consent is required for use and disclosure unless legally mandated.

3. Collection of Personal Information
Ball Playa collects personal information when you use the Site, register, or apply online for products/services.

4. Purpose of Collecting Personal Information
To process instructions, meet needs, conduct research, and personalize services. Promotional material may be sent based on analysis.

5. Protection of Personal Information
Ball Playa takes steps to protect personal information from loss or misuse. Usernames and passwords must be kept highly confidential.

6. Correction of Personal Information
You can update or correct personal information by contacting Ball Playa.

7. Disclosure to Third Parties
Ball Playa may disclose personal information to partners and third parties for service provision. Withdrawal of consent is possible.

8. Cookies and Online Advertising
Ball Playa uses cookies for personalized experiences. Third parties may collect aggregated information for advertising.

9. Changes to Privacy Policy
The privacy policy may be amended and notice of material changes will be given.

10. Applicable Law
South African law governs this privacy policy, and disputes fall under South African court jurisdiction.