Soccer Tennis Tournament

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Your brand is invited to participate in the official launch of the Ball Playa Soccer Tennis Games at the Sandton Sports Club.

What is Soccer Tennis?

Soccer Tennis is a standalone sport, best described as a blend between the games of Soccer and Tennis. It is generally played with a standard soccer ball and an accompanying tennis style net. Contested by two teams, each consisting of between one to three players, who compete on opposing sides of a court which is divided by the net. 

Invited Brands

How will the Soccer Tennis Tournament be played?

The Ball Playa Soccer Tennis Tournament will be played as a doubles match where two pairs face off against each other. The players must be between the ages of 14 and 50.

A player from the team serving first kicks the ball over the net to the opposite side of the court. This team serves for the first 10 minutes in succession and then the other side will do the same.

The receiving team has a maximum of two touches, with the ball being allowed to bounce once, to return it back into their opponent’s half. 

Contact is made using any part of their body apart from hands and arms. Touches with feet, head, thigh, chest or shoulder are all permitted. The ball is required to cross over the entire net before it can be returned.

If the ball bounces more than once then their opponent gains one point. In addition, a player isn’t allowed to touch the ball twice in a row but can take alternate touches.

There is no requirement for a team to take the maximum touches allowed or for every player in the team to touch the ball. A player is allowed to return it over the net with their first touch if they are able.

Time wasting is not allowed and will result in a one goal reward for the opposing team should it happen. There is a 5 second time limit on every serve. The team with the most number of points after 20 minutes wins the match. 

The first match will be at 10h00 and the final match will be 14h35. The will be a prize giving ceremony at the end of the match where the winners will receive a trophy and medals. The following diagram represents the tournament format.

The final list and match times will be communicated on the 26th of January 2024 at 23h59, which is the cut off time to enter.

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Additional Information

Free and safe parking available.
Milk Bar restaurant and cash bar available on premises.
All the matches will be captured by a professional videographer.
A speed point will be available for the payment on the day.
Good luck on the day. You got this!