Ball Playa Soccer Tennis Tournament Official Participation Ticket


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The payment for the Ball Playa Soccer Tennis Tournament guarantees you the following:

1. Your brand becomes part of an important piece of history as this is the first of many tournaments to come.
2. A chance to win the first ever official Ball Playa Soccer Tennis Tournament.
3. Your brand will get an excellent platform for networking with other professionals, fostering new connections in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.
4. Team building  among colleagues, leading to improved communication and collaboration in the workplace.
5. Fun and active sport that contribution to overall physical fitness.
6. A lively and enjoyable atmosphere, allowing you to unwind and have a good time away from the usual work-related stress.
7. An opportunity for brand exposure, allowing you to showcase your company in front of a diverse audience.
8. A great way to enhance agility, coordination, and soccer skills. Encourage clients to join for a chance to improve their athletic abilities.
9. Exclusive access to an event that’s not only entertaining but also an excellent platform to engage with other businesses and potential clients.
10. Overall physical fitness in a day of exercise and wellness.
11. A chance to contribute to the community aspect as participants and sponsors.
12. Creating lasting memories from the tournament, associating those positive experiences with your brand which can contribute to long-term satisfaction.